ACUPUNCTURE is a system of healing rooted in nature and honed over 3,000 years of practice. It has been proven to be effective for treating people suffering from a wide range of medical conditions, and can improve general health and well being to help you meet life's stresses with more ease.

HEALING BY NATURE offers both acupuncture and meridian style bodywork to help:
• Relieve pain, anxiety and stress
• Recovery from trauma, accident or surgery
• Resolve chronic conditions such as allergies
• Support your body's natural defense systems
• Balance moods and emotions
• Improve sleep and energy levels throughout the day
• Nourish fertility for couples wishing to conceive
• Manage the effects of chemotherapy and other pharmaceuticals

WITH OUR INDIVIDUAL strengths and challenges, each one of us is unique in responding to illness and injury, therefore treatments are composed to treat you, individually, rather than "a condition," generically.

While many patients are seeking relief from pain – headaches, back and joint pains, muscular or neurological issues – it must be said that our body's signs and symptoms are messages to heed rather than simply to "hush up." That being said, pain levels do diminish, inflammation does dissipate, range-of-motion very often does improve as healing progresses.

ELISA M. BEHNK, M.Ac., L.Ac., began her studies in Chinese medicine after a shoulder injury knocked her out of national competition and her position on a sponsored formation-skydiving team. Looking for ways to heal, she followed a friend’s suggestion and tried acupuncture. “While I was being treated for my shoulder, other problems started getting better at the same time: Sinus trouble I’d had since childhood, chronic neck and back pain from old injuries and, more recently, sleep issues,” she recalls. “From this I learned that Chinese medicine is rooted in nature, that it treats the whole person, and that with it I was thriving.” Her response to acupuncture was so profound that Elisa left a successful consulting career to follow her calling: To provide for others the same possibilities for relief and healing that she experienced.

A graduate of Tai Sophia Institute, Elisa remains active with the school, most recently as an assistant instructor in mind-body science. An outspoken advocate for the integration of eastern and western medical approaches, she has written for The American Acupuncturist and the Qi-Unity Report, and has served on the national board of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM).